The Details:

Mon – Fri 9:00 am – 12:30 pm   |   Choose week(s)   |   Pack a lunch

Week 1: June 7 – 11

Potions and Slime

Join us this week for a mix up of potions and slimes of all kinds. Children will experiment and investigate ingredients to make wild creations!

kid playing with glue

Week 2: June 14 – 18

Superheroes and Princess

This week is SOLD OUT. Sorry! 

Calling all Superheroes and Princesses! Put on a cape or your fanciest dress and get here in a flash! This week is going to be a blast!!

small child making art

Week 3: June 21 – 25

Doll House Creations

This week is SOLD OUT. Sorry! 

Doll House Creations is going to be SO much FUN! Join us for a week of making everything you need to make your very own home. Children will work on painting their big doll house, adding wallpaper, furniture and people all to take home! *Additional supply fee $25.00

doll house camp