Parents: The First Educators of a Child

by Greenwich Sentinel| Column, Lee Longo As a director of a pre-school I have the opportunity to meet and greet families each morning at drop off and pick up times. I have witnessed parents in a rush to get to work and also wishing to have a meaningful good bye with their child without incident. Many times, I […]

How the Environment Affects Learning

by Greenwich Sentinel | Column, Lee Longo An environment is a living, changing system. Its conditions how we feel, think, behave; and it dramatically affects the quality of our lives” Jim Greenman. Have you noticed more and more home improvement shows popping up, and many stores featuring home décor items?Some estimates measure that the home décor business is at […]

The World’s Greatest Playground

by Greenwich Sentinel | Column, Lee Longo Like many grandparents I have the pleasure of watching my preschool age grandchildren for a few hours after school before their parents pick them up. After my work day it can be challenging. There are times I would love to sit with a hot cup of tea, but I know all the […]

Early Education Column: Every Child Is A Student

by Greenwich Sentinel | Column As I sat in a nail salon early one Saturday morning, I overheard two women having a conversation. How did your son do in school this year? Not well, he’s not a student, she went on to say, He has a fascination with cars and knows everything about every car. The history of […]